Recent Work

Liquid Gold/Let Down Reflex
(2023, ongoing)

Liquid Gold is the first chapter in a series of installations exploring the history of breastfeeding as it has been narrativized, advertised, and pathologized for Black mothers in America. It features the personal testimony of my relatives, set to a soundtrack based on the African-American lullaby  “All the Pretty Little Horses.”  A sculpture made with ceramics and mixed media continuously pumps a milky substance through silicone tubing.  The work will continue in a new installation called Let Down Reflex as a part of the exhibition “Milk” at the Wellcome Collection in London.

Leaf of Life

In Leaf of Life, I imagine an alternative reality where the tropes of wellness culture are disrupted by the healing potential of black self-determination.  I take inspiration from conspiracy theories, diet gurus, and biblical quotes, among others. The work combines fiction with personal and shared stories of loss and neglect in the US healthcare system. The video is displayed atop wallpaper picturing fruits and vegetable from the notorious “Dr. Sebi Diet.”

Decision Fatigue

In Decision Fatigue my mother stages an intimate, absurd, sometimes painful makeup tutorial, tracing the choices she has made in her life, both large and small, to hold onto youth and remain well. The installation mimics a wellness boutique with an array of increasingly absurd products. Reinterpreted in ceramics and cast resins, they are seductive, caustic, and sickly sweet: Cheeto serums, hand-crafted bars of car air freshener soap, and healing crystals made of Borax.

Wholesome Fun

A recent survey exhibition at Kunsthaus Hamburg with immersive installations of past work.

Earlier Work

Reparation Hardware

Harris & Daughter Hoe Gds (201

Finishing a Raw Basement

Cooking with the Erotic

Harris & Daughter Homegoods